Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cooper's Allergy Story

**I've started another blog along with some friends in reference to our experience over the past year.  Here is a post I did for it.  Thought I would share it on my personal blog too.  (once the other blog is looking better....I"ll share the link)**
As soon as Cooper was born, I knew he had a sensitive stomach. Right as I was about to start feeding him for the first time, he burped soooo loud. I remember thinking "that's wierd". For the next several weeks, I just kept telling everyone what a sensitive stomach he had. He was uncomfortable, but in no way a colic baby. I then noticed that his diapers starting becoming more mucousy. After he had a very rough weekend at my in-laws, and just saying "he's so sensitive to something", the mucus got worse and I decided to talk it over with my pediatrician. We tested his diaper and it was positive for blood. I was still kinda skeptical until I actually saw blood a few days later! I figured I would try to change my diet.

So, I dropped dairy and soy first. The first week, he was much happier. The second week not so much. And after our next diaper check, he still tested positive. So our pediatrician wanted me off the top 8 allergens (dairy, soy, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, eggs) and citrus. I'M SORRY....YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT??? I think I almost passed out at this point. But I thought....okay...two more weeks, I can do this. So I did.

At our next check, his diaper was negative and he said I could add one thing back in at a time. I was slightly excited (i really needed WHEAT) but had a "mother's intuition" moment/feeling that this was not correct. He was acting the same. THANKFULLY I did NOT add anything back into my diet. I kept it the same and sure enough, 3 days later, I actually saw more blood in his stool.

This meant we bought ourselves a visit to a pediatric GI specialist and the earliest they could get us in was a month later!! So, i bit the bullet and continued on.

At our appointment, Cooper had more blood upon examination and we were ALL very, very discouraged. He wanted us to do a two week trial of a partially hydrolyzed formula. I was very upset. I was a worried for him and sad for both of us. He was 3 1/2 months old. I was not ready to give up breastfeeding at this point. I knew, however, that whatever made him better, I was willing to do.

So for the next two weeks, we did this trial. I continued to pump and freeze, getting to add back wheat to my diet...yipee!!! And Cooper did NOT like the formula, took less than recommended and actually lost weight. But we powered through and after two weeks, he STILL TESTED positive! AHHHHH!!!!! HOW? WHY?

I, then, started researching A LOT!!! Which would end up forever changing

my thoughts on food (another post for another day.....)

The next step was to do a trial of the completly hydrolyzed formula that is available at pharmacies. So, I called and got nauseasted when they told me the price. However, they were not able to receive it until the following day and we were going out of town. God had made this decision for us! I would just go back to breastfeeding during our trip and "see how it goes" He did great and continued to do great. He was content and gaining weight. Yipee. We returned to the GI specialist and we never checked another diaper. He said as long as his symptoms are better and we've not seen any blood then we'll just continue on and begin to introduce solid foods. So we did....

Almost immediately, Cooper started having eczema breakouts. I didn't really think too much about it because I have it too. However, at our next appt, our GI was concerned because of the timing and he sent us to an allergist.

At our first visit to the allergist, we did skin testing. He tested positive for milk (4+) , peanuts (1+), strawberries (2+) and bananas (1+). So then sent us home with an EPIpen and to get some bloodwork, a RAST test. I was a little stunned but still hopeful that there was a mistake or something, ha, I'm such a skeptic.

A week later, we found out that he was indeed positive for peanuts(class 4) and milk (class 3).

I was in shock. No one in our family had ever dealt with this. I felt very uneducated I knew one other child who had but that was really it. Our lives were going to change A LOT. My diet had already changed but now it was going to affect a lot more people!! I was sad for him. Sad that he may never get a chance to eat a Reese's cup. Worried that he would be the poor kid in the corner of a birthday party that is not allowed to eat ANYthing. Of course, since then I've come to grips with it all and realized that is not always the case =)

And after all of this.... It was (kinda) relief to know that we had an explanation for his continual positive diapers. My knowledge about allergies and intolerances have exploded as I have researched like a mad woman! Our family has made several lifestyle changes to protect Cooper and our long term health. And Cooper is thriving!!!

10 months

Yep, I'm three months behind but here are some pictures that I uploaded a long time ago of Cooper at 10 months!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

27 months and 7 months

(i started this several weeks ago and am just now getting around to

Well, I logged on again and realized I had a blank 6 month post I had started and it had been a month since the last post.  As you can see this isn't a priority right now but I really want to keep up with the journaling because it's neat to go back and see what they were doing at each stage!!!!

Our Big Guy is 27 months and a ball FULL of energy.  He loves life and anything that comes along with it!!  He could play outside all day long.....whether kicking around a ball or throwing leaves off our deck, he is happy.  Inside he loves doing his puzzles and would watch a "tv show" anytime we would let him.  He is very interactive with them and has honestly learned quite a bit!  The other day, while driving in the car, I asked him what we could use to jump over that mountain....his response "Oh, Toooodles"  We laughed so hard.  After asking him which tool he could use his response was a "pogo stick"  hahaha. I love it.  His imagination is running wild these days as we watch for elephants out our window and pretend that they are chasing us around the house!!

He has learned all his letters and sounds and can sing his ABC song with the exception of M, N and O...they get lost between L & P =)  It's like his eyes were opened to a whole new world as he continues to point and say "look mommy, letters!!!"

He is a SUPER SUPER picky eater.  Staples include the traditional hot dog, chicken nugget, and PB&J with an occasional spaghetti/lasagna.  Fruit is by far his favorite and he thinks he needs a "moot" aka fruit snack everyday.  We still have no idea why he calls them that cause he can say fruit....but we think it's kinda cute.

He is still mr. bossy which has presented lots of challenges in discipline as a strong-willed temper has arisen.  He can still throw a fit with the best of them and you better watch out if he is sleepy cause it's going to be a BAD one!! Like. Really. Bad. We are currently working on obedience and NOT hitting!

He cracks us up on a daily basis with his ideas, thoughts, and stories.

He is such a good big brother.  He always gives him a toy (after he takes his) and wants to be the first into his room to check on him if he's crying.  I am really amazed at how well he has done to this transition!!

Little man is 7 months and happy as he can be.  He is eating 4-6 times per day and still waking up at least once at night  to eat.  This kid doesn't really have a schedule.  Each day is different.  He likes to keep us on our toes.  It still kinda stresses me out but I'm learning to go with the flow.  Sometimes he eats every 3 hours and other times he can be just as content to go 5-6 hours.  Crazy kid.

He is sitting up without any trouble and can transition into a tummy position rather smoothly.  He is moving backwards and in circles. 

He is not much of an eater.  Baby food lasts A LONG TIME with him.  We have only had a few evenings of tummy issues but we are unsure what it's related to =(  He is eating several fruits and veggies now.  We have stopped rice cereal b/c his eczema flared up so bad and that was his only consistent thing but who really knows with this kid?! =)

He is still toothless and is very content to just sit and take in his surroundings.  He is our snuggler and likes to cuddle with us when he's in our lap.  He is babbling like crazy...which big bro thinks is quite funny as he mimics it.  There have been several times when he has waved or shook his head NO on que but we think it's a fluke.  He is such a sweet baby and has brought a lot of happiness to our little family of four!!!

Maybe in a couple of months, i'll actually get this posted on time =)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I started this a really long time ago and obviously forgot about it.  Along with my 6 month old post for little man that is BLANK!!!  My goodness how much time flies...

I better go ahead and start his 7 month old one so I can have it finished at a decent time!!

Instead of adding in comments, I'm just posting as is....Just a few from our AMAZING disney trip!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birthday Madness!!

This is the two weeks of the year in which my family celebrates MANY, MANY birthdays!!

Last friday was my uncle's birthday

Sunday, the 29th was Aunt Katie's.....we LOVE seeing and hanging out with aunt katie, even though they live so far away from us in the big city.  We've been trying and trying to persuade them to move to the south where the sweet tea flows and the accents are THICK =)

For some flashback pictures, click here.

Today is my dad's birthday!  We celebrated this weekend with mexican food and some cake! 

I summed up A LOT about my dad in this post here
 I really am sooo blessed to have him in our life!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Recap

I am not sure about you....BUT DECEMBER FLEW BY!!!

I picked up C's calendar to jot down some milestones and realized the entire month of December was blank. 

Seriously, COMPLETELY BLANK and I didn't even realize it.  Yikes.  I'm thinking THAT will be one of my 2012 do less in december and enjoy the many holidays that it brings!!

So, In a brief picture are some Christmas pictures.  Other activities to hopefully come later....

Our own reindeer....followed by Santa Claus

One of our Christmas traditions on Christmas Eve...making cookies!!  R was in HEAVEN!! His favorite part was the sprinkles!!

Christmas morning...Opening his stocking (this is gift unwrapping session #2--he did a few from my aunt/uncle on christmas eve)

Before church on Christmas morning...

Opening at my parent's house (#3)

Then up the grandparents we headed....

Opening session #4

And #5 at grannie's house...sorry, just had to put this picture of my uncle =)

 Then onto Ohio we went.... Session #6, in which aunt laura made them all matching sweaters!!

And now you see why we are STILL de-toxing from Christmas (and disney world)  (oh, and his birthday party--coming later) 

It was super busy but we def. consider ourselves super blessed with such an amazing family =)  Our boys are loved by sooo many people!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fall Synopsis in pictures!

Bobpa meeting Coop and celebrating Caleb's FIRST birthday...

 The beginning of Cooper's "firsts"....

About to visit the pumpkin patch

Carving a pumpkin....

 Thanksgiving in Ohio followed by a visit to the holiday trains...

Celebrating Brennan's coming arrival and my TEN YEAR reunion....yikes!!


P.S. I just got my computer back so lots of pictures on the way =)